It’s Time to Move On!

Ralph Bruksos

It’s Time to Move On! teaches you how to use change for your benefit. Instead of being disrupted, upset, or paralyzed by it, you’ll understand how change can be good not only for your income, but also your emotional well-being.

Change comes in many forms: a shift in management, an unexpected layoff, economic decline, injury, death of a loved one, trouble in a close relationship, or a golden opportunity to make a bigger difference. Now you can reinvent yourself through change by discovering how to:

  • Use change, no matter how turbulent, as an opportunity to move on.
  • Initiate a positive change when you’ve reached a “comfortable” plateau.
  • Harness one of the greatest motivational forces known to humankind.
  • Successfully implement change with team members and clients.
  • Overcome the fear of change and become a “Change Master.”
Rising from “bad boy” to millionaire, losing it all, and bouncing back as CEO of a major corporation, and now a consultant to Fortune 100 companies, Ralph knows what it takes to benefit from change. The lessons learned from his hard-knocks experiences will help you face fears, improve your relationships, set higher goals, and-move on to a brighter future!
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