Dream Work Shock : Being Own Boss Is Just As Bad

Matt Sun and Cathy Morris
Sydney mX, Friday October 29, 2010

Here’s a warning to workers who have had a tough week at the office and are thinking of chucking it in to become their own boss – the grass is no greener on the other side.
The 2010 Dream Employers survey of 3000 people found workers thought being their own boss would be the third most perfect job in Australia.
Having a job at search engine giant Google and working for Richard Branson were the top two jobs.
Other top 20 companies that made the dream employer list include Apple, Qantas, The Walt Disney Company, Coca-Cola, eBay the United Nations and Sydney Water.
But while many Australian may dream of owning their own business, Robert Gerrish, founder of micro-business website Flying Solo, said the notion that all self-employed people were happier and had a great work-life balance was not necessarily true.
“It’s easy to look at self-employment with rose-tinted glasses,” Gerrish said.
“When people work for themselves they don’t appear to be much happier than others.”
Gerrish said most people who wanted to become their own boss wanted to control how many hours they worked.
But while many workers dream of being their own boss, only one in eight Australian workers are self-employed.
Gen Y workers happy to work for someone else said the reputation of their employer determined their vocational happiness.
Workers also said recognition for the work they did  was just as important as their salary.
A third of workers surveyed said they were already working for their dream employer.

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