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Attitude Determines Attitude

I woke up early today, excited over all that I get to do before the clock strikes midnight. I have responsibilities to fulfill today. I am important.

My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have. Continue reading


It is always better to
imitate a successful man
than to envy him.

~ Napoleon Hill ~

The trouble with most
of us is that we would
rather be ruined by praise
than saved by criticism.

~ Norman Vincent Peal ~

Being defeated
is often a
temporary condition.
Giving up
is what makes it

Your certainty must
be greater than their doubt.

Everything rises
and falls on leadership.

~ Dr. John C Maxwell ~

Attitude is Everything

Jerry was the kind of guy you love to hate. He was always in a good mood and always had something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, “If I were any better, I would be twins!

He was a unique manager because he had several waiters who had followed him around from restaurant to restaurant. The reason the waiters followed Jerry was because of his attitude. He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, Jerry was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation.

Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up to Jerry and asked him, “I don’t get it! You can’t be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?” Continue reading

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