Business is Booming

The Australian, Monday November 1, 2010

It seems that if you’re young and hard-working, starting your own business has never been so appealing. Since the GFC hit, a trend has emerged as an ever-increasing number of young people branch out into their own business and seize the financial reins.
Amway, the multi-billion dollar direct selling company is proving to be quite a hit with the younger generation and business is on the rise. In 2009, Amway reported a 15% jump in the number of Australians starting their own business.
Certainly, the world’s financial woes have helped encourage people to join Amway for extra cash. But equally, people have been attracted by the range of world class products and the fact that anyone can start their own business. Having control of your own destiny is always appealing, and Gen Y has no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit.
And young Amway independent business owners speak highly of the support and the rewards. “It’s a low risk business where I’ve gained so much,” Mylie Dantier said. “The extra cash, the business travel, they’re all great reasons to join such a secure and successful company.

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