Calea the Eagle

A man and his family were walking through the zoo where the birds were caged, strumming their hands along the bars and talking. The kids went off to the side and started playing. Then all of a sudden the clouds got really thick and it started raining, soon the wind picked up and it was pouring. The man’s wife got frightened and when to look for the kids but as the man was hanging onto the bars, he noticed that there was an eagle with a broken wing on the ground, in the mud. He looked up and on the cage and there was a wooden sign which read:

“These birds are free to leave whenever they want, there’s no ceiling.”

He looked up and sure enough, there was no ceiling to the cage.

“The eagles name is Calea, it was shot by a farmer and it will never fly again.”

And he looked at the bird, and saw its deformed wing. In the meantime, it was still pouring and the wind was blowing, the kids in the background were shouting “Daddy, Daddy come on Daddy…” but he made the mistake of looking the eagle in the eye, and he saw the fire and the passion of what the bird was created to do…to fly.

And the man noticed that every time the wind blew, the little creature would face into the wind, and he would hop on his legs, trying to get his wings up, trying to lift his broken wing.

…He didn’t know that he could never fly…

Then the wind picked up and blew so very, very hard for just a brief instant and it blew so hard, it powdered the rain and made a fog so thick that the man couldn’t see the bird. Just as quickly as the storm hit, it stopped, and slowly the mist hit the ground. When the man looked, he couldn’t find the eagle, but he heard it; the call of the eagle, Calea, free at last, flying above the storm, because the dream and the opportunity met.

But listen to this; he also knew that Calea the eagle would never land again.

And he realised, that it is better to live free for a day than to spend the rest of your life in the mud. It changed his life.

The winds will blow in your life.
But how will you face them?
Will you struggle and lift your wings up?
Will you allow others to lift you, carry you and put you up in the sky where you belong, to do what God created you to do?
To be a leader, to be free, to see your dreams come true, to live a life of purpose.

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