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Do unto others as though
you were the others.


“Blessed are the cracked, for
they shall let in the light.”

~ Groucho Marx ~

“Love generously, praise
loudly, live fully.”

~ Elias Porter ~

“Progress involves risk. You
can’t steal second base and
keep your foot on first.”

~ Frederick Wilcox ~

The price of leadership
is responsibility, and part
of that responsibility is
to stay positive whether
you feel like it or not.

“Some people leave trails of
gloom; others, trails of joy.

Some leave trails of hate
and bitterness; others, trails
of love and harmony.

Some leave trails of cynicism
and pessimism; others, trails
of faith and optimism.

Some leave trails of criticism
and resignation; others trails
of gratitude and hope.

What kind of trails
do you leave?”

~ William Arthur Ward ~

“I am the master
of my fate:
I am the captain
of my soul.”

~ William Ernst Henley ~

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