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The only difference
between ordinary and
extraordinary is effort.
Extraordinary people are
simply willing to do the
things that ordinary people
are not willing to do.


“When it comes to the
future, there are three kinds
of people: those who let it
happen, those who make
it happen, and those who
wonder what happened.”

~ John M. Richardson, Jr. ~

“We can let circumstances
rule us or we can take
charge and rule our
lives from within.”

~ Earl Nightingale ~

Not knowing how
to do something
is not an excuse
to not do something.

~ Robert Kiyosaki ~

The art of living is that
ability to turn negativity
and negative experiences
into positive learning
and positive reality.

“I’ve not failed. I’ve
just found 10,000 ways
that won’t work.”

~ Thomas Edison ~

“Faith is daring the soul
to go beyond what
the eyes can see.”

~ William Newton Clark ~

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