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“Our lives improve
only when we take
chances – and the first
and most difficult risk
we can take is to be
honest with ourselves.”

~ Walter Anderson ~


“Continuous effort- not
strength or intelligence
– is the key to unlocking
our potential.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill ~

“It is good to appreciate
that life is now. Whatever
it offers, little or much.

~ Charles Macomb Flandrau ~

Success…when you add
hard work to courage and
multiply it by heart!

“Once you let go of the
idea that there’s only one
right way to do things,
you’ll be less fearful of
doing the wrong thing.”

~ J. Pincott ~

“You can never tell what
type of impact you may
make on another’s life by
your actions or lack of
action. Sometimes just
a smile on the street to
a passing stranger can
make a difference we
could never imagine.”

~ Ed Foreman, congressman, advisor
to five American Presidents ~

“It takes only one person
to change your life…you.”

~ Ruth Casey ~

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