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It is not about how hard
you can hit. It is about how
hard you can get hit and
still keep moving forward.


Someone’s throw-aways
could be someone
else’s treasures.

We are who we are today,
because of the choices
we made yesterday.

Do something, anything,
even if it’s wrong: just do
something. You’ll never
be sorry that you tried.

There’s a myth that time is
money. In fact, time is more
precious than money. It’s
a nonrenewable resource.

Once you’ve spent it,
and if you’ve spent it
badly, it’s gone forever.

Be the fruit loop in a
box of Cheerios.

“Experience is a hard
teacher because she
gives the test first, the
lesson afterwards.”

~ Vernon Sanders Law ~

What’s right isn’t
always popular.
What’s popular isn’t
always right.

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