“Everest may conquer you
on attempt 1, 2 & 3,
but on attempt 4 & 5
you will conquer Everest
because Everest will not grow taller,
whereas you will.”

~ Massimo Bini ~


“The secret of
success in life
is for a man
to be ready
for his opportunity
when it comes.”

~ Benjamin Disraeli ~

“You’ll never find
time for anything.
If you want time,
you have to make it.”

~ Charles Buxton ~

Your easiest day
was yesterday.

Everyday we will
encounter challenges.
If you made it through
yesterday, you can make
it through today. You
have proven to yourself
that you can make it.

Your dream should not
put you to sleep, but wake
the warrior within.

Babe Ruth struck
out 1,330 times.

“I believe God made me
for a purpose, but he also
made me fast. And when
I run I feel His pleasure.”

~ Eric Liddell, Olympic champion and missionary ~

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